VC STUDIOS is a family of post production excellence with offices in Ghent (BE) and London (UK).

Throughout the last decade a friendship grew between a group of film industry professionals.

We felt the time was right to join forces...


VC Studios combines experience and talent from veterans and young guns in the film industry who will:

Help you shoot your film | Tell the whole story through stunning visual effects | Make it click to a frame in editing | Finish it to make it colorfully shine on any screen imaginable


Where The Skin Lies

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The Emperor

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The Devil's Double

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Ay Ramon!

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About The Boy Who Ate An Oakchair

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This Is How I Disappear

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Third Person

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The Lovers

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Our sales team will gladly provide you with further information. We provide the service we'd want to experience ourselves!

Yves Bertrand

Studio Manager

+32 475 81 96 94


Stijn Calis

Technical Director

+32 492 03 40 53